13th level typhoon Ketsana struck six central provinces in Vietnam. Quang Nam is among the most damaged provinces: 89 communes badly destroyed; 150,000 people displaced or living essential necessities including food.

Que Son District,

 Location: 60 km from Quang Nam
Area: 251.17 km2
Number of communes: 13
Main careers:
Cultivation, forestation, aquaculture
Number of households: 24,924, totaling 99,260 people (2008); 
Number of poor households: 4,508 (average monthly income less than 200,000 VND or 11.8 USD)



  • Casualties: 2 deaths, 21 wounded
  • Damages:
    • 4,189 torn-out houses, including  161 collapsed & 1,723 unroofed and badly damaged;
    • 2,034- ha crops destroyed
    • Public facilities & infrastructure seriously damaged;
    • Over 4,000 households flooded in  1m deep for days

- Total property & infrastructure damages  in Que Son District = 200B VND (11.76M USD)


- 13,334 people are in need of food. Estimated demands equal 200 tons of rice.

- Thousands of people displaced and lost their properties and assets

- 4,937 households are desperate for donations and support to repair houses, purchase food, medicine, breeding seeds and animals .etc.

{Source: Official Letter No 27/BC-UBMTTQ of Que Son People’s Committee reporting damage status of Que Son District after Ketsana typhoon (6/10/ 2009)}

Plights in Huong An- Que Son



Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa, 58, was abandoned by his own wife and daughter after he had a stroke. He is unable to make his own living and lives up on social subsidy and the kindness of his neighbors. His shack can hardly protect him from the cold wind and rain when the storm season comes…

Ironically, this mentally and psychologically wounded man always keeps a smile on his face due to his disease complications. His daily meal is fish sauce and rice. His neighbors occasionally pass by to bring him some food.

Căn nều nhà ông Họa sau cơn bão
Mr. Hoa’ shack after the storm…

Ms. Thu


Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu, 75, has been living alone since her husband’s death and after her married daughter moved to work in Quang Nam province.

Ms. Thu was injured by the falling tiles during the typhoon. Since her children cannot come home to take care of her, she has to stay at her relatives’ until being recovered.  The amount of money her children send every month is only sufficient for her daily meal. She does not have money to repair her house.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu’s house after the typhoon

Ms. Nhan

Ms. Phan Thi Nhan, 76, makes her own living by cultivation. Her entire 500 m2 field was destroyed by the flood and part of her house was unroofed. Her husband passed away 20 years ago and her children live far away and do not have means to take care or help her out….

 Mrs. Nhan’s house after the storm

Three widows with their little children and worn-out homes:

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Be, Thuong Nghiep Village, Huong An Commune, Que Son Dist.

Mrs. Xich, Village 3, Huong An Commune, Que Son Dist.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nhang, Village 1B, Huong An Commune, Que Son Dist.

October 17, 2009 - Ms. Le Thi Yen , Chair of Fatherland Front Committee of Huong An Commune working with the survey group of Because We Care

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